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Enriching life through singing

sing strong

Melbourne, Victoria


The Sing Strong Studio

is the vocal teaching studio of

The studio provides a nurturing environment 

enabling singers to not only grow, but to flourish!

Singing is a balance of the physical, emotional and mental.

By learning how to build and strengthen connections between mind and muscle, 

singing becomes freer, easier and more connected.

Enabling singers to find their true voice, confidence, and self-expression

are my chief aims as a singing teacher.

Whether you are a performer aiming to improve your current technique, or

simply aiming to improve your singing for your own enjoyment,

All styles of singing are taught in my studio

and all levels of experience are welcome.  

- vocal technique

- art song and operatic repertoire 

- jazz, music theatre and contemporary repertoire

- lyric diction in French, German and Italian 

- audition and exam preparation

- performance skills

- acting for singers

- vocal and emotional health for singers

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